Built and designed with the end user in mind at all times Qlic is the new tablet  stand suitable for most tablets currently on the market, ranging from 5 -12 inch screens and up to 10mm thick, with or without portfolio cases.

Qlic can be used for presenting, reading, gaming, browsing the web or simply charging. Our lightweight and durable stand is suitable for use in every walk of life whether that’s corporate or consumer.

Our portable stand is compact and robust making it suitable to move between the office and home. The built in cable management system also works to keep your workspace clutter free.

There is no set up needed for Qlic, for our cable versions simply pop your tablet into the cradle connect the base to your existing charging cable (additional charging cables will be provided for Apple users). Plug the tablet connector into your device and your device will begin to charge.

With our QI patch receiver we can enable most devices for wireless charging. Insert the connecter to the charging point on your device, stick the patch to the rear and pop your tablet or phone back into its case (compatible with cases up to 5mm thick).

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